Yesterday, I woke up to some snow outside my window. I never cared for the cold but watching it snow outside the window really gives me a good feeling inside.

The Norwegian weather is really a weird thing, though; if you move further from central Oslo, you would have already seen thick layers of snow last week. The closer to the city centre you get, however, the less winter it seems, and the more autumn it looks.

So here is my last attempt at holding onto the autumn weather with this warm and red-toned makeup look. I recently received the Urban Decay NAKED HEAT palette as a gift from a friend and was so excited to experience a little more with it. I already tested it out when I did a makeup tutorial at @Gambitsky, which you can also check out here.

Let's get to it!

STEP 1: set the base

As my base makeup and brow "technique" hasn't changed since last time, I've decided not to include that in this tutorial.

Just remember to prime your face and eyelids, then just do your base as you usually do. Now, let's jump right into the eyes!

STEP 2: ounce & chaser

It's important to first have a layer of base for your eyeshadow, so to make it easier to blend out the colours that we'll be applying later. For this, I used a mix of ounce and chaser from the palette. Remember to go up all the way to your browbone.

STEP 3: low blow

Next, you should choose the main colour of the makeup. This is going to be the "theme colour" if you like. For me, I chose low blow, a soft coffee-brown with a hint of red. Apply this to the outer corner and mid of your eyelids, up to a little bit above your crease, or in my case, where my crease would have been.

STEP 4: en fuego & ashes

Now that you've got a base and the main colour, it's time to add some depth. First layer of depth; en fuego, a perfect brick red shade. I added this to the outer corner of my eyelids and blend! blend! blend! Second, to add a little bit more depth to it; ashes, a deep dark brick red colour. Carefully add this to the mid to outer part of your lashline, then go up in a C-shape, to add it to the depth of your crease. And again; blend blend blend!

STEP 5: lumbre & scorched

Lastly, add a little shimmer to the inner corners of your eyelids. For this, I used the colours lumbre and scorched.

STEP 6: finishing touches

Now that the eyeshadows are done, just finish off with your favourite mascara and eyeliner. I did a small wing so to keep the attention on the eyeshadow.

Top off with your favourite neutral lip colour, I'm using NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in soft-spoken.

And that's it! You're finished!

you should have known i was a fire - rupi kaur


Products I used

Hope you liked this little tutorial and let me know what you think about the palette if you have tried it down below!

Happy Humpday!

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Recently I was asked if I could be a hair model for my favourite hair salon; Hairdo by Kimi. They needed to film a video demonstrating the process of lightening Asian hair (something I think they're amazing at) and I thought, why not?

As I mentioned in my lengthy hair post (here), I've always had my hair done at this place. Every time I walk in, I always walk out with incredible results without having to compromise too much of my hair's health. Because let's face it, you can't go light or do changes to your hair and maintain the exact same healthy hair condition like before you did anything. But that's okay; that's what deep conditioning is for.

After Work x Bjørklund

I also went to a lovely AFTER WORK event with Bjørklund and Presskontakterna yesterday. The location was in this moody little bar with low lights and beautiful displays of the latest collection from their diamond collection and FROST collection. I tried to snap some pictures but it was really dark so I didn't manage to take that many. I hope you enjoy nevertheless!

The collections were beautiful; the FROST collection has such a simple and minimalistic design, something I usually go for as I like my accessories to be on the down-low. The diamond collection, however, is stunning and so classy; maybe something more fitting for special occasions.

Thank you to Presskontakterna for inviting me to such a fun event. Until next time!

Have a good day xx

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straight up wall goals

This past week has been PR Week and I've been so lucky to be invited to VASS PR and Presskontakterna for a little tour around their showrooms. Check out the pictures below!


We had lots of fun with the Instax Minis that were laying around. @Gambitsky and Chioma really had some creative shots taken.

Gorgeous @SiljePauline mixed some delicious drinks for us and looked like a total babe with her lab attire.



Absolutely in love with this coat from Hugo Boss. Behind this coat was also a set in burgundy that was simply to die for.

Walking over to the #pkbeauty area, we were able to see the latest in hair and makeup, and the opportunity to talk to some representatives from the different brands. Oribe instantly caught my eyes because my ultimate beauty guru, Claire Marshall, has had their product on her favourite list for several years. I absolutely have to test these products out.

That was basically it for my first PR Week. Now I’m back to studying again before some fun changes this upcoming week. More on that at a later time, but keep yourself updated by following me on Snapchat (EllenB08) and Instagram (@EllenBuui).

Thanks again to the lovely ladies at the PR agencies for inviting me. It's been a lovely week xx

Goodnight, loves!

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